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Yog Vedant Seva Samiti Center of Canada is a non-Profit Organization registered with City of Brampton. Our Mission is to help people realize their inner soul which is store-house of endless happiness and realize omnipresent existence of Truth-Eternal-Blissful natured Soul (Sachidanand Swroop) under guidance of Saint Shree Asharamji Bapu. Samiti focuses its attention to spawn early development of children into responsible citizens through BalSanskar activities (Character & Moral Value Building Programs for Kids). Samiti promotes healthy and harmonious communities by running various Yoga, Educational, and Social & Spiritual Programs.


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Shri Yog Vedant Seva Samiti Center of Canada invites you with family & friends to join weekly online Satsang on  the Zoom online application at 4:00 pm every Sunday. In person satsang at the satsang hall has been switched to online satsang due to ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. 
Everyone is requested to join the online satsang session on time and try to bring whole family and as many friends as possible. Please do sewa of informing others.
Hari Om
Shri Yog Vedant Seva Samiti Center of Canada
(647) 621-5060
Facebook /ashramcanada Twitter @ashramcanada

Weekly Online Satsang  Schedule 

Day: Every Sunday

Venue: Zoom application, meeting id: 724 1047 6196

Meeting weblink https://us04web.zoom.us/j/72410476196

Program Details:

1) Hariom Gunjan with Sandhya Dhyan , 2) Mahamrityunjay Jaap, 3) Shri Guru Gita Path , 4) Shri Dharmraj Mantra Jap, 5) Video Statsng/kirtan, 6) Guru Vandna, 7) Aarti 

Our Activities

Yog Vedant Samiti Center of Canada offeres various activities which are guided by Pujay Shree Asharam Bapuji for over all development of Human Being.


Yoga is an essential part of daily routine. One must strive to live with vibrant health systems. Practicing Yoga will lead to Healthy body,cheerful Mind and Sharp Memory.

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Mahila Utthan Mandal

Mahila Utthan Mandal (MUM) means Woman Empowerment Association.MUM organizes different activities which help women in realizing their hidden skills and potential.The...

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Yuva Seva Sang

Yuva Seva Sang(YSS) mean Youth Male Service Association. YSS association objective is to help and guide young generation. YSS organizes different weekly activities to build...

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Bal Sanskar

‘Bal Sanskar Kendra’ (BSK) is activity through which knowledge and wisdom of our great saints and seers is being imparted to children. The objective of BalSanskar...

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Sanatana Dharma

Sanatan Dharam is all about Hinduism. Bapuji has told this many times in Satsang that Hinduism is not just about Indian geo-community Diasporas or people born Hindus  but...

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Mantra Science

Mantra Science is science  to get rid of all problems by reciting specific Vedic Mantra given by Pujya Bapuji. There are few rules in reciting, such that Mantras works...

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Health Tips

Health Tips given by Bapuji to get rid of all Health problems. The Health Tips provided here are super excellent in nature and it’s based upon personal experiences of...

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Meditation is a means to attain Self Realization. The ultimate outcome of Meditation is to be Self realized ones which eventually results in all time happiness and success....

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Recent Events

25th December-A new INITIATIVE

25th December at Canada Ashram  celebrated as Tulsi Worship day .A new initiative started by Pujya Bapuji. A new movie "25 December- Ek Nayi...
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Guru Purnima

Guru Purnima is celebrated as one of the major auspicious events at Canada Ashram. On this day devotees worshiped (Mansik Pooja)  of Bapuji...
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Parents Worshipday

14th February is celebrated as Parents Worship day at Canada Ashram.A new Initiative started by Pujya Bapuji in 2006 to promoting love and...
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Diwali festival of lights and Hindu new year was celebrated this year with recitation of 108 Asaramayan Path . Devotees followed enjoyment with...
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In person satsang switched to Online satsang due to ongoing COVID-19 pandemic

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Divine Experiences

People taking mantra dixa from bapuji have had and are still having some amazing experiences in both spiritual and material life. This section we will have a look at some of them.

  • Dr RajeevHomeopathy Expert

    How transformation took place for Kshitij Soni, a boy from Allahabad, India who would herd buffaloes for living and find it financially difficult buying even a pair of slippers for himself. After Saraswatya Mantra initiation from BapuJi, He is now an Engineer working for Go Air and draws monthly salary in Lakhs.

         Dr Rajeev who holds degree as Clinical Dr surprisingly prescribes Homeopathy and Acupuncture healing techniques with miraculous success rate. He earns 1.5 crores for a year. Listen him narrating his own story.

  • Ashok ChaudharyMajor

    Major Ashok who has served in defense service, India recants scintillating experience of survival and after-thoughts after having his car wrecked by Road Accident resulting from Truck collision. While averting medical amputation of his legs already pierced into 32 parts and broken hands, how did this miracle of fresh lease of life unfold?

  • Manish SharmaCommon Man

    Manish’s journey started with a faithless sojourn after having been received initiation from BapuJi. With deteriorating health, he was forced to reveal Mantra given by his Guru to ascertain its “authenticity” to his acquaintance. What followed was 1.5 years of medically impossible health conditions and mental stress leading him to steps of suicide. But will Manish survive?