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Bal Sanskar




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Bal Sanskar

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‘Bal Sanskar Kendra’ (BSK) is activity through which knowledge and wisdom of our great saints and seers is being imparted to children. The objective of BalSanskar Kendra is to enhance vital human qualities like determination, memory power and Self discipline . All children under 16 years are welcome to attain these session.

How To Celebrate Birthday ?

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How to celebrate Birthday by Vedic method ? An interesting play represented by Brampton Balsanskar Kids.Usually kids blow out candles and start their new year but Bapuji told us to not blow out candles but lit up as many diya as you old because starting of any new thing should not be blow out candles instead of lit up diya.

Balsanskar Feedback

Janvi's Balsanskar Experience

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Janvi a Balsanskar student shares her personal experience about Balsanskar. What she does there, what are the benefits and how it helped her?